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A Christian Constitutionalist Conservative running for precinct chair to ensure that the issues that matter to Harvest, the Ridge & Prarie View Farms are known at the county level.

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In March of 2020, My wife Tabatha & I along with our 3 children moved to Harvest. With our 4th child expected to make an entrance into the world in only a few short days, Tabbie & I hurried to prepare for the warm embrace of our new bundle of joy and the sleepless nights that would accompany the change… little did we know that his entrance would require more from us than we could imagine.

On March 17, 2020, Tabbie went into labor and was scheduled to deliver in Grapevine Texas through a home birth process. As the evening and morning progressed, the midwives recommended that we go to the hospital to help with the process. Upon arrival, we were met with a team of nurses and doctors who are going to help everything along, after a few hours at the hospital the lead doctors said something was wrong and we needed to go into surgery. No one really seemed concerned just that something needed to happen for us to be able to have him come into the world and what we were doing wasn’t working.

In the moments up to his delivery, everything was fine. My wife was a little out of it but overwhelmingly happy to be seeing things coming to an end. Once my son was delivered they showed him to us and we had a moment to snap a few pictures before things turned bad. I was quickly rushed out of the operating room and as I turned to look at one more time at my wife, I saw her complexion turn the color I was not used to seeing.

Once I got into the next room, they explained to me that there was an issue and that I needed to hold tight. I heard people running from every direction around me into the room where my wife was being worked on. I’m not accustomed to hospitals but what I know from my little experience and from TV is that people running in the hospital isn’t good.

My wife lost 88% of her blood on the operating table. Only by the grace of God was she able to survive and I’m thankful to report that she is on and percent healed and my son is coming up on his second birthday celebration.

After his birth, we spent five days in the hospital where she could recover and we could have help with him. When we returned home, we were met with amazing community support. The people of harvest, who did not know us, dropped off food, gift cards, and even some toys to help with our transition home. Now I have to give special thanks to my sister-in-law who lives in our neighborhood and helped to organize the support but I also have to recognize those who are willing to do something for a family that they didn’t know. That’s the community that I want to serve, the community that’s willing to step up when others need help, the community that took time out of their day to support my family when I needed help the most.

This little slice of Texas is my home, not because I was born here but it’s because this is where my heart is.

Mike Montes

Candidate for Precinct Chair 4196

More about mike Montes

Mike Montes earned his Doctorate of Theology in December 2021 from Midwest College of Theology and now serves as a regent for the College. Although he is extremely proud of everything he has accomplished, he still loves to be referred to as Mike!

Dr. Mike Montes is an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs. Bitten by the digital bug while working as a graphic designer/artist in 2004 at Gateway Church in Southlake Texas, Dr. Mike has since expanded his experience in digital marketing through website development and consulting. Dr. Mike’s goal is to help businesses/organizations determine the ‘why’ as much as the ‘how’ of digital marketing.

After working on web development for churches, hospitals, oil companies, & lawyers, just to name a few, Dr. Mike co-founded multiple agencies. One agency worked with clients such as the MLB Hall of Fame, Mike Piazza, Papa John’s, Quick Books, Lurn.com, Gateway Church, and many more. In looking toward a new direction, Dr. Mike co-founded EnsureWP, a full-service WordPress Maintenance & Management company with only one goal: offering long-term WordPress care plans for companies who need the peace of mind of knowing their site is well-tended.

After becoming a digital marketing coach & consultant in December 2019, Dr. Mike decided to sell EnsureWP in January 2020 in order to focus on coaching. Even with the restrictions from Covid-19, Dr. Mike successfully launched his coaching business with $300,000 in revenue in 2020 and was able to successfully close $100,000 in sales in one month in 2021.

Alongside his coaching, Dr. Mike is a published author, runs a YouTube channel, runs a podcast, is creating an online education platform for WordPress users, runs an LMS training systems, is a franchise owner of Network In Action & Co-owns LoRu LLC which helps companies turns their businesses around.


Mike's Personal life

Mike has been married to his wonderful loving and supporting wife for a little over 16 years. He’s thankful to have her in his life and couldn’t do what he does without her.

Mike has four children, Haley, Elishah, Elliot, Isaiah, and a dog named Tucker.

Mike has been a member of Gateway Church since 2002 and enjoys serving his community both locally and people he is connected with around the globe.