Brent Hagenbuch’s Leadership Challenges within the Denton County Republican Party

Denton County Republican Precinct 4196

In a public statement, 76 leaders, precinct chairs, and activists from the Denton County Republican Party have expressed their opposition to Brent Hagenbuch’s candidacy for a vacant state senate seat in SD30. Their collective stance stems from witnessing what they describe as his failed tenure as vice chair and then chairman of the Denton County Republican Party.

The group accuses Mr. Hagenbuch of several missteps during his time in leadership positions including but not limited to:

  1. Violation of Oath: Mr. Hagenbuch allegedly violated his oath by donating to a far-left Democrat in a local election, leading to official sanctions from the County Party.
  2. Controversial Ascension: His election as County Chair in 2022 was controversial, with his mentor disqualifying his opponent, resulting in ongoing litigation.
  3. Purge Attempts: Mr. Hagenbuch is accused of attempting to purge veteran conservative precinct chairs and party leaders through defamatory tactics and false accusations.
  4. Public Outbursts: He has publicly lashed out at respected GOP figures, including SD12 SREC members Jill Glover and David Wylie, and Republican Party of Texas Chairman Matt Rinaldi.
  5. Cancellation of Meetings: His term as Denton County Chair was marked by the cancellation of County Executive Committee meetings, hindering party business and engagement.
  6. Diversion of Funds: Under his leadership, the creation of a Political Action Committee diverted critical funds from the County Party.
  7. Legal Troubles and Voter Engagement: Mr. Hagenbuch has faced legal issues regarding residency requirements for the SD30 seat and has failed to appear for numerous candidate forums.

The signatories of the statement assert that Mr. Hagenbuch’s leadership has been divisive and damaging to the party, and they cannot endorse him for a role in the Texas Senate. They believe his efforts would be better directed elsewhere, given his inability to handle power and authority responsibly.

Read the signed letter below.

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