Denton Texas Showdown: Will You Stand with Mike Montes Precinct Chair in the 2024 Rumble?

Denton County Republican Precinct 4196

Fire up the barbecue, Denton County! Mike Montes here, your precinct chair and, dare I say, your potential champion in the upcoming 2024 election. This ain’t just another election, folks. This is a showdown, a Texas-sized throwdown for the soul of our great nation!

Forget the fancy suits and scripted speeches. I’m a boots-on-the-ground kind of guy, the calluses on my hands a badge of honor earned from years of hard work and unwavering dedication to this land. We share the same blood, the same love for God, family, and freedom that runs hotter than a jalapeno on a July day. And we’re tired, so very tired, of politicians playing us like fiddles on a dusty porch swing.

This primary ain’t a waltz, it’s a war cry. We need warriors, not wallflowers. Folks who bleed red, white, and blue, who understand that border security is about keeping our families safe, not some fancy talking point. Who know that pumpin’ Texas oil ain’t just about profits, it’s about American independence and the roar of our engines. And who’ll stand shoulder-to-shoulder with President Trump, Second Amendment in hand, protecting our way of life like a hawk guarding its nest.

But let’s not get blinded by passion. Electability matters, amigos. We need a champion who can win, not just dream. Someone who can out-wrestle those blue dog Democrats in the mud and come out shinin’ like a five-alarm sunset. No point sendin’ a lone coyote into a pack of wolves, right?

So, mark your calendars: March 5th, 2024, that’s the day we paint Texas redder than a barn fire at sundown. Early votin’ starts February 20th, so don’t be a porch sitter – register online, grab that absentee ballot if needed, and plan to drop that vote like a two-step on a hardwood floor.

Here’s your ammo for navigating the candidate battlefield:

Denton County GOP website:, your local war room for all things Republican.
Texas Secretary of State website:, the official playbook.
Conservative news websites: Daily Wire, Breitbart, Texas Scorecard – stay sharp as a Bowie knife.
Local rallies and town halls: get in the trenches with your neighbors and see the candidates face-to-face.

This is our moment, Denton County. Let’s show the world that Texas Republicans ain’t just talk, we’re action. Let’s choose leaders who fight for our values, who stand for our future, and who’ll Make America Great Again – Again!

Remember, every vote is a bullet in the chamber, amigos. So get out there, do your research, and cast your ballot with the roar of a Texas lion.

Mike Montes, your precinct chair, and maybe, just maybe, your future Precinct Chair 4196. Now let’s saddle up and ride!

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